Our Lady of the Roses - Announcement of Veronica's Passing

''The Lourdes of America''

August 1995
Dear Friends,

We have sad news to report. Veronica Lueken, the long-suffering and saintly seer of Bayside, was called home to her eternal reward on Thursday, August 3rd at 4:45 a.m. at her local hospital. She was 72 years old, the same age when Our Lady passed over the veil, as the Virgin herself told us on August 14th, 1974. Veronica's funeral Mass was held on Monday, August 7th at her parish church on Long Island, New York. Please do remember her husband, Arthur, and the family at this time in your prayers.

It is our firm conviction that this Mission will flourish and prosper even more with the powertul intercession of this heroine of the latter days, whom Heaven Christened, "Veronica of the Cross" (June 18,1980).

We also know that the timely words from Heaven will strengthen and comfort you in your mourning.

"My Mother...promises you, as I do, also, that We will be with you until the end of time, and the beginning of a giant, great renewal."
Jesus, July 1, 1985
"My Mother shall continue to guide you in the days ahead. She has made a promise to you and it will be kept."
Jesus, February 1, 1978
"As I have promised in the past, I will be with you forever, and on your earth unto the Second Coming of My Son."
Our Lady, September 6, 1975
"My child, it is your choice to record what I say to you. The mission given to you will soon be completed. The work for the establishment of My Shrine will continue."
Our Lady, August 14, 1973

"Our Lady and Jesus do want all of the Mary workers to know that the day will come when I, Veronica, will no longer be among you and you must all carry the work forward in great haste and with great love and devotion, that you may work together to fulfill the will of God the Father that the Immaculate Hearts of Mary and Jesus will triumph over the present evil". - Veronica Lueken May 7th, 1975

May God bless you abundantly.
In Our Lady of the Roses, Mary Help of Mothers,
Our Lady's Workers...