"CONSEQUENTLY, ANY VIOLENCE applied by such authorities in favor of contraception or, still worse, of sterilization and procured abortion, must be altogether condemned and forcefully rejected. "


"He entered your city on January 21, 1971. He was in Albany* first to promote the murderous evil of the killing of the young."

(Veronica - in other words, Jesus was saying, if you will check back in history, that previous to - January 21, 1971, he entered your city, which means he came to New York, Lucifer himself in the body of a man, and his agents with him. He was in Albany first to prompt the murderous evil of the killing of the young. Therefore, abortion was legalized because of Lucifer and his agents showing up in Albany and taking over the bodies of influential individuals who are out of grace, without faith.)
Jesus, 1971 - Conversations with Jesus

*One of the first states in the nation to liberalize their abortion law. The law, which took effect on July 1, 1970, permitted abortions up to The 24th week of pregnancy, nullifying the previous statute that virtually prohibited them. In the first year of passage, nearly 205,000 abortions were performed in New York City earning, later on, the ignominious title dubbed by the New York Times: the "Abortion Capital" of the nation. Two years later, the State Legislature voted to overturn this heinous law, but was thwarted by the veto of Governor Nelson Rockefeller.

"Doctors now are profaning their profession, those who have given themselves over to destroying human life in abortions"
Jesus, June 6, 1987

"One of the reasons the Eternal Father chose your city and your state for My appearance was because of abortion, the murder of the holy innocents. Your nation, without repentance, shall be the first struck. "
Our Lady, March 15, 1978

" All who become part of or condone abortion, the murder of the young, shall be destroyed! "
Jesus, June 2, 1979

" For that one reason among many, the United States will suffer unless there is placed into your government a group that fears the Lord if they cannot love the Lord. They will fear Him and find measures to stop the slaughter of the unborn. "
Our Lady, April 14, 1984

" That is what makes My heart ache, My child. That is one of the reasons Theresa is crying constantly when she looks into the convents and sees what is going on. Many now believe in abortion, the murders of the children; and many have committed this act upon themselves. "
Jesus, October 1, 1988

"You must remove from your homes these diabolical agents of hell, the recordings of Lucifer [rock-and-roll], that will put into your child a spell, a hypnotism leading to promiscuity, deviant sex, homosexuality, drugs, murders, abortions, and all manner of foul deeds that could only be conceived in the mind of the prince of darkness, Lucifer himself."
Our Lady, September 14, 1979

"Now, My child, My Mother made it known to you about the AIDS epidemic. There will be a cure for mankind as soon as we see the legislative bodies and those politicians of the world, who are at this time causing the abortions with their monies and their funding, especially in the United States --. . . unless you repent now of your sin! "
Jesus, June 18, 1990

** The other condition attached is the repentance by homosexuals of their immoral lifestyle.

"I say this for this reason: the Eternal Father is much disturbed at the numbers of abortions being committed throughout your country and the world. These numbers go upwards to fifty to sixty million in one year through out the world. "
Our Lady, June 18, 1986

" O My child, My tears fall upon you all when I see all of the innocent little babies being slaughtered . . . cast into garbage pails like nothing but dirt and scum. They are living human beings! And all murderers shall get their just recompense. "
Our Lady, March 18, 1983

" These interlopers upon the serenity of the United States have dark skins.... With their plans there will be bombs placed in strategic places and many' shall die at the hands of these ruffians.... "One big reason for permitting this disaster in New York would be the abortion mills throughout the city and the country. "
Jesus, October 1, 1988

"At the time of conception, the Holy Spirit makes the child, and the breath of the Almighty gives it life."
Our Lady, June 18, 1991

" And what, My children, are We going to do with all the aborted babies? O My child, I know you feel as I do, for I can see the great distress on your face. What are we going to do, My child? Do you understand when they come to Us, they must go to Limbo? They are in Heaven, a happy place, but they cannot see God. "
Our Lady, October 2, 1987

"Sorrowfully, the penance that is to come upon the world for the murders of the unborn shall be a chastisement far greater in severity than man has ever witnessed in the past nor ever shall pass through again. Your world is plunging into a deep chasm of suffering and destruction. "
Our Lady, May 20, 1978

"Your once loyal to the oath of a doctor, your once loyal doctors are now butchers! For money they kill the young!"
Our Lady, February 10, 1978

"Know, My child, this simple lesson, that in these days of the latter times, women will seek to cast off their role as mother and a woman. Women will cast it off under the direction of Satan, and murder her children. Woe to the woman who does not repent of this vile abomination! She has walked the road to eternal damnation and hell. Repent, O woman, or forever be lost!"
Our Lady, March 18, 1975

"And I repeat again to all clergy in My Son's House: you shall not rationalize sin. Abortion is murder, and murder condemns you to hell without repentance ! "
Our Lady, November 20, 1979

"The torment that will be visited upon those who murder the innocent shall be eternal damnation and feasting their eyes upon the murdered souls."
Our Lady, May 10, 1972

". . . we cannot tolerate the murders of the unborn. This is a sacrilege of the most foulest manner in the eyes of the Eternal Father, and shall be punishable by death." Our Lady, May 17, 1986

"The Eternal Father finds that children He had great plans for to bring the true Faith to the world and to save His Son's Church, they have been murdered in the womb."
Jesus, October 1, 1988

"My child and My children, since the world no longer considers the tiny little babies as being important to life, they no longer will consider the necessity to have the elderly and infirm among us. That is communism, My children! They will destroy the elderly; they will destroy the newborn, and they will destroy anyone who gets in their way."
Jesus, September 14, 1985


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