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UPDATED 7/2011 - The Urgent Messages of Our Lady and Our Lord at Bayside are being provided free for download in TEXT, HTML or Microsoft Word Format. The messages are in a compressed ZIP file format to facilitate faster and easier downloading. (NEW - ALSO Available in PDF format for downloading!)

The below messages have been compiled in subject category order and were taken from the "Roses From Heaven - Pink Books - Volume I and II", a chronological collection of the over three hundred messages given to Veronica Lueken over a twenty-five year period from 1970 -1994.

They are also available for viewing in HTML however please be aware that each viewable volume is over 700K in size and will take time (approximately 5 minutes via a regular modem dial up, cable, satellite and FIOS will be faster) to completely load to your browser. (NOTE: Individual messages in cronological order are available for viewing on this site in the Messages from Heaven Page)

If there are any technical difficulties in downloading the below files please email the webmaster at webmaster@roses.org.

Webmasters Notes: The trememdous effort to organize the messages from Heaven by subject category order was a six year project undertaken by "Mary's Children of the Desert", a Bayside group from the state of Arizona, U.S.A. Their perseverance and commitment to Our Lady's mission is to be recognized and commended. May their reward in Heaven be great. This page is dedicated to Mr. Ed Foose who was recently afflicted with a stroke, and the memory of Donald Ptaszynski, who passed away this past March 6th 1997. Both devoted workers of Our Lady of the Roses, they will be remembered for their perseverance and dedication in compiling the below messages in subject category order over a six year period. Please remember them in your prayers....

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