Frequently asked questions about Our Lady's Apparition Site at Bayside.

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Q.. Is Bayside an approved apparition site?. I heard that the Catholic Church disapproved of Bayside....

A. This is probably the most frequently asked question regarding Our Lady of the Roses Shrine at Bayside and requires some explanation. In 1986, ( after a period of sixteen years), a one page memorandum was issued by Bishop Mugavero of the Brookyln Archdiocese, which conveyed a negative judgment on the Apparitions of Our Lady and Our Lord to Veronica Lueken at Bayside.

The Archdiocese pronouncement is null and void as far as the Shrine of Our Lady of the Roses is concerned for the following reasons:

Veronica Lueken and the Shrine were never approached and interviewed in the context of a proper church investigation, not even by telephone. This statement was confirmed by Monsignor King (who was serving in the Brooklyn Archdiocese at the time) in a radio interview with a Canadian radio station. Therefore there could have never been any investigation, as the principal witness, the seer herself, was never given the opportunity to be interviewed as part of what should have rightly been a major aspect of the formal investigative process.

None of the Shrine workers, including her personal secretary, Mrs. Ann Ferguson, has ever been questioned or interrogated.

No attempt was made by the Archdiocese to investigate any of the thousands of miraculous cures and spiritual conversions received by the faithful attending the vigils or through the intercession of Our Lady of the Roses.

It is impossible to obtain from the Brooklyn Archdiocese the names of the investigative committee, or even the most rudimentary documentation which provides explicit dates when and where the investigation was conducted.

The fact that the Bishop of Brooklyn had personally affixed his name to the declaration on the Apparitions does not bind Catholics under obedience or pain of sin to disbelieve in or remain away from the prayer vigils or the apparition site. Under Canon Law, Ecclesiastical permission is not required for the publication of revelations, visions, miracles or with respect to the frequenting of non-recognized places of apparitions. (See the Canon Law decrees abrogated below)

We invite the faithful to personally contact the Public Information Office of the Archdiocese of Brooklyn, New York at (718) 399-5955 and formally request a copy of the "full investigative report" regarding the Bayside Apparitions. To this date, the report does not exist.

The Bishops negative judgment on Our Lady's Shrine at Bayside has had no impact whatsoever on the mission of Our Lady of the Roses Shrine: The dissemination of Our Lady's and Our Lord's urgent messages throughout the world. Our Lady's Shrine at Bayside has continued to enjoy an ever growing and worldwide following for almost twenty-seven years.

Our Lady has assured us that the local Bishop [she did not say who the Bishop would be] will receive an unquestionable miraculous sign when the time is right which will attest beyond anyone's doubt to the authenticity of her apparitions at Bayside.

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Q. What is the actual Church Law (Canon Law) regarding apparition sites?

A. Ecclesiastical permission is not required for publication of revelations, visions, miracles or for the frequenting of non-recognized places of apparitions.

A decree of the "Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine and the Faith " was published in the "Official Acts of the Holy See" (A.A.S.) 58/16, dated December 29, 1966.

Articles 1399 and 2318 of Canon Law are abrogated by this decree.

This decree of abrogation was approved October 14, 1966 by His Holiness the Sovereign Pontiff Paul Vl, who ordered at the same time its publication.

This approval by the Holy Father took place during an audience accorded to His Eminence Cardinal Ottaviani, Pro-Prefect for the "Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine and the Faith."

The decree was made in Rome, November 15, 1966. It bears the signatures of:
A. Cardinal Ottaviani, Pro-Prefect
P. Parente, Secretary

The decree took effect three months after its publication, hence on March 29, 1967.

Canon 1399

The Canon 1399 forbade by right the publication of certain books such as those that deal with revelations, visions, prophecies and miracles.

This Canon has been repealed. This means that as far as these publications are concerned, the prohibition is lifted as to their being bound by ecclesiastical law.

This means that henceforth: Catholics are permitted without need of Imprimatur, or of Nihil Obstat, or any other permission, to publish accounts of revelations, visions, prophecies and miracles. Of course these publications must not put in danger the Faith or the Morals: this is the general rule which every Catholic must follow in all his actions, even journalists, especially journalists.

There is hence no longer any prohibition concerning the narrative of seers, be they recognized or not by Ecclesiastical Authority.

All the more reason is it permitted for Catholics to frequent places of Apparitions, even those not recognized by the Ordinaries of the diocese or by the Holy Father: Granted that the Catholic visitors who frequent these places must respect the Faith and the Morals. However, they are not subject to any ecclesiastical discipline, not even for their public prayers.

Permission is required only for the celebration of Holy Mass or any other religious service.

Canon 2318

Canon 2318 carried penalties against those who violated the laws of censure and prohibition.

This Canon is abrogated since 1966. None can incur ecclesiastical censure for frequenting places of Apparitions even those not recognized by the Ordinaries of dioceses or by the Holy Father.

Also, "those who would have incurred the censures treated in Canon 2318 will be like absolved by the very fact of the abrogation of this Canon." (Cardinal Ottaviani)

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