Miraculous Photographs of the Comet - The Ball of Redemption

The "Ball of Redemption" - A Comet to strike the earth...

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     An unbelieveable photo taken June 18th, 1988 at the Vatican Pavilion, showing the Ball of Redemption comet striking the earth.
     Photo showing the comet over praying pilgrims heads with remarkable shafts of red and a cloudy spray not unlike the tail of a comet.
     A woman from Canada was shocked when ball miraculously appeared on her vigil photo.
     Ball of redemption again hovers over vigil statue as pilgrims prepare for October 27th, 1974 vigil. Photo taken by W.S. Preston of Trenton N.J.
     Ball of redemption in photo taken June 18th, 1974 by Father Anthony Brackett, Pastor of St. Pauls Church, Orwell VT. Colors and other characteristics are relatively consistent with various photos of the Ball.
     Ball of redemption in photo. Note the rosary bead pattern cutting across the ball, denoting the ball is being held back by the prayers of the faithful.
     Moon highlights night sky over old St. Robert Bellarmine Church, site of early Bayside Vigils, as path of future ball of redemption streaking through future skyline miraculously appears, leaving little doubt that Ball is to be a comet-type asteroid.
     Five year old (at the time) Robin M.B. photographed in Providence, RI, home before family shrine by M. Upton on July 29th, 1973. Typical Ball appears on Film.
     Photo of perfectly dark and cloudless sky over Bayside Vigil revealed this imposing Ball.
     New Orleans seer, Emile Fernandez, carrying a statue of Our Lady of Fatima during prayer vigil on Septenber 24th, 1975. Photo taken by C. Bellow when developed showed Ball of Redemption as a perfect sphere.
     Teenager photographed in her home near Bayside, N.Y. on New Years eve, 1977, during time of vigil. Ball's appearance baffled everyone. Shape suggests finger over lens, but this could not be duplicated with red color, filmy edge, and whitish glow.

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