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"Within this photograph lies the date, the month, the hour, the year of the coming Chastisement..."

September 14, 1971... A man took a picture of Our Lady's statue with a Polaroid instant camera. The words "JACINTA 1972" appeared on the picture in an eerie supernatural scrawl across the face of the picture.

Our Lady... November 25, 1978.
"My child, the picture "JACINTA" must be read by all of Earths children. You will give them this direction. If it be in the will of the Eternal Father that they be graced to receive the truth, they will observe carefully and examine the photograph miraculous, "JACINTA 1972" and search for lines and figures and numbers. Within the miraculous picture is given the date by God the Father for the Chastisement of mankind. All will be conditional to the response of mankind. You will well remember the words of My Son to the world in relation to this miraculous picture. 'Consider this picture as a puzzle for the human race to figure out. If not solved in due time, I, Jesus, will set the answer upon the world myself. Within this picture, My, children, is the date, the month, the year, the hour of the coming Chastisement as planned by God the Father'"

Our Lady...October 6, 1979
"I ask that the photograph given from Heaven, 'JACINTA 1972', be propagated , made known worldwide; for within this photograph lies the date, the month, the hour, the year of the coming Chastisement. Search it well, My children; for those who have been given the grace will find the answer to the puzzle. 'Jacinta of Fatima - Jacinta 1972'

Webmasters Notes: Jacinta Marto, the youngest seer at Fatima in 1917, told Sister Godinho (the nun caring for her at her death bed) that her order..."might always remain united with the Vatican and that they should prepare themselves for the year 1972 " because mans sins would bring on the world such punishments and cause much suffering to the Holy Father, " the poor little one. "

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